Our Policies

Safety Policy:
Safety is our #1 concern. With that in mind, Bouncy World Inflatables Inc reserves the right to cancel any reservation that, in the opinion of the Bouncy World Inflatables representative, it deems a danger or jeopardizes safety in any way.
Upon delivery we will walk you through the safety rules before and after the set up of the bounce house.
The location must be flat and free of rocks, twigs, animal droppings, and debris for the safety of the inflatable and its riders. A 20 foot overhead clearance is needed and a 3 to 5 foot perimeter around the bounce house is needed.

Deposit Policy:
A $50 deposits per unit is due upon reservation.The balance is due upon delivery. METHODS OF PAYMENT: Credit cards/debit cards or cash (correct change please). The deposit is non refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of reservation date. There will be no refunds or reductions in price due to foul weather once the unit has been delivered and set-up.

What if it’s raining at the time of your delivery?
We cannot set up the inflatable in the rain. We will deliver in scattered rain unless you call and cancel.

Please follow these simple rules:

  1. No Silly String in or near the inflatables!! They damage the inflatables and the customer will be liable for replacement! The units cost $1,500 and up!
  2. No Food or Gum.
  3. No Shoes. Please wear socks.
  4. No pets. Their claws can damage the inflatables and the customer is liable for tears.
  5. No excessive weight. Most inflatables can hold an average of 8 children of about the same size. If adults or big teens want to jump, about 4 at a time is average. We will inform you of the numbers for the unit you have chosen in the safety walk through upon delivery. Customers will be liable for tears due to excessive weight guidelines not being followed.
  6. Please return all supplies that were rented to you. There will be a $10 charge for each missing basketball, $300 for missing blowers, and $80 for missing tarps.
  7. Only one person at a time on all of the slides.
  8. No children or items hanging from the netting. Tears are costly to repair.
  9. A responsible adult must be in attendance and supervise the proper use of the inflatable at all times.

A responsible adult must be in attendance and supervise the proper use of the inflatable at all times.

Equipment guidelines:
The customer is responsible for providing power to operate the blower. A grounded three prong plug outlet must be used no farther than 100 feet away. If a generator is the power source, it needs a minimum of 3500 WATTS with 11.6 amps.

Rental Agreement:
All customers must sign a rental agreement upon delivery of the inflatable. When you reserve online you will automatically be e-mailed a copy. We will bring one for you to sign upon delivery.

Delivery Area:
We deliver to Suffolk, Nassau and Queens County.